Passionate and Adventurous Traveller


I wanted to take my adventures to the next level of sharing it with the world, firstly i come from a very poor background and always save up for my holidays as it has always been my dream. I love writing and can be a tad bit funny too so maybe I will bring some joy to your life by sharing my journey with you. Pent up emotions of any sorts don’t work well for me…i need to be able to express myself in the right way and who knows maybe this is the right way…I have traveled extensively so I will be adding those pics and write a bit too.

Lets see where my blogging takes me too.


The Girl that told all her dreams and wishes to the starry night and lit moon

lol.. So i wrote my first page but somehow it did not save because i was trying to change the site title, clicked preview and thought for some reason it would automatically save like the app i use called keep. It did not soo here i go again.

I hope to share all my travels and craziness with everyone out there and in that hopefully keep my spirit alive. I am passionate about traveling, socializing, photography, writing and i lurrrrve putting a smile on peoples face. And of course the latter is not always possible.

But hey if we have travel in common hopefully something will come out of that…;-) whatever it is.

So embrace yourself as I let you into my world.

Oh and the title comes from me as a little girl that used to sit at my granny’s balcony speaking to the stars and moon about my dreams and aspirations – it was peaceful and sometimes I had company and there were times I was lonely, i came from a poor background so nothing I have was given to me on a platter- I worked for every bit.

Grateful to God for everything I have.